Self-Actualization & African American Leadership

Thinking about how the African-American community would be highly served by learning the basic tenants of personal growth that a large sector of white entrepreneurs have internalized. The work of Dr. Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and the like are foreign work to many in community organizers and leaders who are desperately in need of of … Continue Reading

Mindsets that Stunt Business Growth: Part I

Mindsets that Stunt Business Growth: Part I I’ve been asked before if I only support black or minority businesses. The short answer to that is, no. I financially and socially support good business owners. Period. Nothing hurts an individual or a business more than inaccurate feedback. If a kid can’t sing, it’s sinful to tell him … Continue Reading

Why Chicago Does Not Need “Chiraq”

New Jack City did not help New York and The Wire did not help Baltimore. In December 2009, when the cast of Jersey Shore descended upon Florence, Italy, the city’s mayor banned the crew from its famed Uffizi Gallery among other Florentine landmarks, claiming they portrayed negative Italian-American stereotypes. More recently, when VH1 released the trailer for Sorority … Continue Reading

Fear and Apathy in Business Owners

I’ve been living in Chicago for about 6 years. I was only 22 when I moved here. In that sense, I’ve sort of grown up here. I’ve had the privilege and misfortune of allowing our nation’s most politically formidable city to groom me on my path to adulthood. During that time I’ve learned: Scarcity is … Continue Reading

The South Side | Racial Transformation of an American Neighborhood

I read this book in one sitting a couple of weeks ago. Fascinating stuff! If you are interested or live in the South Shore/Chatham/Avalon Park areas. This book is definitely for you. The author, Louis Rosen interviews both black and white residents who were teenagers during the white flight era on the south side. They … Continue Reading