Stop trying to start, finished.

(Learn more about Santlov’s featured image here) The look of finished is coming too easily, all while we are coming to find out that the actual doing is still as hard-won as it always has been.  We’re trying to start at the end. Photo shoots, videos, even creative direction. It all used to come the later … Continue Reading

Why We Do This. . .

A couple of decades ago, pop culture was exploring the psyche while a select few were exploring the spirit. Now pop culture is working on the spirit, while select few are working on the soul. If we can remove the distractions business owners face around branding, identity, and social marketing, they have a greater opportunity … Continue Reading

What Are You Trying To Become?

About two or three weeks ago, a friend of mine shared a post from a lightworker that highlighted what he said would be a tumultuous Sagittarius season…..  I scanned the article, ultimately rebuking it as just another horoscope. Fast forward a few days later and chaos ensued. Lost debit cards, bounced checks, broken dishes. All experiences … Continue Reading

Mindsets that Stunt Business Growth: Part I

Mindsets that Stunt Business Growth: Part I I’ve been asked before if I only support black or minority businesses. The short answer to that is, no. I financially and socially support good business owners. Period. Nothing hurts an individual or a business more than inaccurate feedback. If a kid can’t sing, it’s sinful to tell him … Continue Reading

Why Chicago Does Not Need “Chiraq”

New Jack City did not help New York and The Wire did not help Baltimore. In December 2009, when the cast of Jersey Shore descended upon Florence, Italy, the city’s mayor banned the crew from its famed Uffizi Gallery among other Florentine landmarks, claiming they portrayed negative Italian-American stereotypes. More recently, when VH1 released the trailer for Sorority … Continue Reading

Doing Different Things

I had secret thoughts that all the rich people who lived on the northside of Chicago were snobs. I thought if I joined a gym here, all the white girls in spin class would sneer at me, my ethnic shape, my old shoes. I thought I would feel insignificant. I thought I didn’t have the … Continue Reading

Matt & Mark on Rush

Matt and Mark or M&M as they told me to call them, spend their Saturdays on Rush Plaza.  They were two strangers I happened upon while catching this photo on the Plaza. They invited me over to talk, chew the fat for while. It was interesting. We talked about everything from the growth in Chicago … Continue Reading

Fear and Apathy in Business Owners

I’ve been living in Chicago for about 6 years. I was only 22 when I moved here. In that sense, I’ve sort of grown up here. I’ve had the privilege and misfortune of allowing our nation’s most politically formidable city to groom me on my path to adulthood. During that time I’ve learned: Scarcity is … Continue Reading

Tech and the Village Experience

Growing up, I attended an all white private school. With the exception of 1st and 2nd grades, I  was the only black student in my class from pre-k to 6th grade. During this time my parents recognized how damaging that could be to my social development and pushed cultural pride through a rigorous curriculum of … Continue Reading

An Invitation . . .

I began this open journal as I was “guided” to do so while drinking cheap wine and listening to Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth  on what, for no particularly interesting reason, seems to be the best day of my life. Something tells me this is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. Further, something tells … Continue Reading