Depression. The Abyss. 40 Days and Dark Nights.

You’ve been hard-headed. Or, the Gods assumed you wouldn’t listen so they walked into the house of your life, turned the lights off and rearranged your furniture. They asked your lover to leave. They tossed your money in the garbage and burned it. They called pivotal family members home. They turned down the volume on … Continue Reading

Stop trying to start, finished.

(Learn more about Santlov’s featured image here) The look of finished is coming too easily, all while we are coming to find out that the actual doing is still as hard-won as it always has been.  We’re trying to start at the end. Photo shoots, videos, even creative direction. It all used to come the later … Continue Reading

Why We Do This. . .

A couple of decades ago, pop culture was exploring the psyche while a select few were exploring the spirit. Now pop culture is working on the spirit, while select few are working on the soul. If we can remove the distractions business owners face around branding, identity, and social marketing, they have a greater opportunity … Continue Reading

What Are You Trying To Become?

About two or three weeks ago, a friend of mine shared a post from a lightworker that highlighted what he said would be a tumultuous Sagittarius season…..  I scanned the article, ultimately rebuking it as just another horoscope. Fast forward a few days later and chaos ensued. Lost debit cards, bounced checks, broken dishes. All experiences … Continue Reading

Finding My Voice

From my personal archives: I’ve been on the longest journey to find my voice. Growing up in my household, fighting a sibling, lying and tattling were cardinal sins. Vanity did not fall far behind. Further, upon breaking from my private school education and entering the public school system in the late 90’s, I learned that … Continue Reading

Earth and Space Science Meeting Moving to New Orleans in 2017

So happy about this! I didn’t even know! From ‘One of the largest earth and space science meetings in the world is moving to New Orleans in 2017, drawing more than 25,000 scientists to the city. The meeting will move to Washington D.C. in 2018, then return to its usual home in San Francisco … Continue Reading