Nobody tells you this when you’re scaling, but a word of warning, it sucks. There are some awesome things about needing to grow; more money, great clients, etc. But the energetic and material mathematics works in such a way where if one thing changes, there’s a domino effect and everything has to change at least a little. And that includes you.
For two months after making the decision to scale our operations, I didn’t just want to change a few things about myself or my routine, I was going to do ALL the things. I vowed to become a different kind of machine. Maximize time with my team, minimize distractions, close more sales, meditate, do Hot Yoga everyday, Kale smoothies, less meat. It was ridiculous.
Not long after that, I found myself fevering on the couch, burnt out, unmotivated and not understanding how I was slipping into a depression when I’d gotten everything I worked so hard for. But the minor depression, much like colds, flus, general fatigue, was a sign of overwhelm. My body was simply forcing me to rest. I was over-correcting.
Once I was able to rest, I saw things more clearly. I understood that there was actually nothing wrong with me. That I didn’t need to become someone else to run a company I was already building. In fact, making all those changes would likely make me miss opportunities I was already aligned for. So, I settled down, got back to being me and aside from everyday problem-solving, I’ve been blissfully at peace.
Know that the House always wins. You can’t beat Universal Law. Every hour you cheat yourself out of sleep or self-reflection; every lie or de-motivating message you tell yourself is a negative withdrawal on your energy and life will find a way to get it back.   So, if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, fatigued, sick, unmotivated or depressed, survey your landscape. Toss the toxic messaging, the arbitrary goals, and the burdensome people. Spend some time setting things right with yourself. You’ll find you have more energy to focus on the things you really want to accomplish.

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