The most liberating moment I’ve had in the last couple of years has been a deep realization that I’m not special. Now, I’ve never striven to be. And my parents were particularly good at driving that point home that we children were not special. But this recent requirement to be seen and heard to make a living will have you believe that everyone’s looking at you.  But they’re not.  Really.
There’s likely nothing in your genetics that makes you more than human. So, in a world of billions of people, not many of them are paying attention to you. The ones who are, are doing so because they love you or they like you or what you produce brings some value to their lives. Even the ones who watch just to be critical of you, find some value in being your critic, which includes them in that first baker’s dozen of people.
Maybe your recent accomplishments make it to their news feed. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they see that picture of you with your hot girlfriend or boyfriend eating that amazing dinner. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe they see all of it and they ‘like’ it because hitting the button is just a modern-day reflex. But likely, the majority of the people you know are so engrossed in their everyday fight, your successes and failures don’t even cross their minds.
Right now, Elon Musk is working on colonizing Mars and building the Hyperloop at the same damn time and I’d be willing to bet you the kid down the street doesn’t even know his name. I’d further be willing to bet that same kid knows a bunch of names that mean a whole lot to him that you’ve never heard of before.  Even further, I’d bet that neither one of you can name his missteps, his mistakes or even a fairly representative list of his accomplishments.
Outside your social sphere, the 7.442 billion people on the planet have no idea you even exist. So, if they don’t know what you’re doing, will you still do the thing you do?  If the answer is yes, keep going. If the answer is no,  stop doing it immediately. Otherwise, go for it. Live it up. There’s no reason to be indecisive or embarrassed. As long as you’re not harming anyone else, just do the thing you want to do. Put in the work and go. Who’s going to stop you?

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