Thinking about how the African-American community would be highly served by learning the basic tenants of personal growth that a large sector of white entrepreneurs have internalized. The work of Dr. Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and the like are foreign work to many in community organizers and leaders who are desperately in need of of these philosophies.

At the base of the pyramid of issues that plague our community leadership is fear of the unknown. [highlight color=#C390D4 ]Though leadership and its communities may want change, there is such a deep subconscious fear of not knowing, that the same leadership will sabotage it’s own success to find comfort in the previous status quo. In other words, though water may rise, it always finds it own level. [/highlight]

One of the best teachers on this subject is Tony Robbins, who provides a path out of self-sabotage. He instructs that after we recognize that self-sabotage is threat, we guard ourselves against it by first creating hope. From hope we create certainty and from certainty we create plans and habits that bring a project into fruition. In my experience, AA community leadership has traditionally forsaken all steps in this path with the exception of making plans, which of course are quickly foiled by the lack of certainty and systems formation.
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