I’ve been preaching for a long time about how Chicago has make easier for businesses to operate so that business owners can focus more on creating experiences rather than managing their businesses. The city is fantastic, but we’re definitely missing out on major tourist dollars if we don’t create innovative tourist experiences.
Eataly Chicago is a shopping and dining experience for people who like to cook and eat. There is a high quality section for each of the major food groups. Fruits and vegetables are downstairs. The meat, cheese and seafood sections are on the second floor. All the activities ebb and flow.  There is no real distinction between cooking spaces and eating spaces. It can be confusing and overwhelming for first timers but, this is part of its beauty.

20140524_182358This is the first business I’ve seen boldly declare their target market is “everyone” and execute well enough for that to be true. Part of their manifesto is that good food brings people together. People from all walks of life were in the space, eating together and talking to one another. It’s a good lesson in that the market speaks for the product and its clear by the diversity of people enjoying themselves that Eataly is living up to its promise through its products and experience.

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